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Design Realty - Limited Service Listing

How Our $500 Limited Service Listing

Program Works:

It’s a plan to save you thousands of dollars in Real Estate Broker fees. An average home sells for $300,000 and the Broker fee is generally 6% or $18,000.00.

OUR $500.00 PROGRAM IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WISH TO SAVE MONEY! For the flat fee we’ll place your listing on our websites listing page and the MLS Listings Service as well as Realtor.com. In addition we’ll come to your home and provide you with a Market Analysis. We’ll make suggestions to make your home “more appealing” to potential buyers.

Why the MLS? EXPOSURE! – The first place potential home-buyers go to search for a home is the internet. Most websites and search engines get home listings from the MLS. Not only will potential home-buyers see your home, so will all the Real Estate Agents and Brokers! There are thousands of Agents/Brokers that will see your home. In many cases, the real estate agents may already have a buyer for your home.

How our Plan works: You choose what, if any, commission you will offer to an agent representing a buyer.

If you need assistance on the selling end, (after you have signed the six month limited service listing contract),  we offer assistance to represent you in the sale of your home for a flat $1,000.00 fee payable upon successful closing (this is optional).

See the bottom line below – based on a home sale of $300,000.00

Traditional Brokerage

Traditional 6% Commission: $18,000.00
Administrative Fee: $500.00
Total: $18,500.00

Design Realty

6 month listing fee: $500.00
Closing Assistance (optional): $1,000.00
Total: $1,500.00
(should you choose to offer a buyer agent commission, you would need to add that amount)



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Optional Services Available When You List

Home Staging & Interior Design Services

Offer Negotiation

& Closing Assistance

**Only available with a six month limited service listing contract.


6 Month Limited Service Listing Renewal